More Snow??

I wanted to remind all of you of the Study Island homework that is posted every Monday. Very few kids are practicing during the week for their weekly Friday quiz. I realize with the CRAZY weather we all are having a challenging time developing routines.

However, I encourage you to have your child go to Study Island by logging onto CLEVER and doing the weekly assignment in the Homework class. All homework is a review from earlier units and the kids should be able to work on the assignment independently. If they need help, PLEASE do help them think through the work. 🙂

Also, below is the link to fill out about Thursday’s lunch. I have about 9 students that have NOT replied. I will order on Thursday morning instead of Wednesday because of the unexpectedness of additional snow days. You may send in your money when the kids return.

Thursday’s Plan & Order Form

I miss seeing the kids during our time away from school. Stay safe and keep warm.

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Classroom Lunch-Ordering Pizza


Our class has earned 32 Outstanding awards! Each time we accumulate ten Outstandings we vote on what teambuilding activity we would like to do.

This time we voted to have lunch together in our classroom on Thursday, February 14. I offered to collect money and order pizza for those who would like to have pizza brought in. Pizza will be $1.00 per slice and your child may order two slices if they choose to. I will be ordering on Wednesday at the end of the day so please have money sent in by then. 🙂

Below is a link I would like every parent to fill out so I know how to plan for the kids.

Thursday’s Plan & Order Form

Please have your children bring in their choice of beverage and pack their usual snack for the day. Sack lunch and ordering hot lunch is always an option if your child does not want to order pizza.

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Valentine Day Class-list & Plans

Dear Parents,

Valentine’s Day is approaching and party plans have been made. We will be sharing Valentines, so please help your child create a Valentine card for each classmate. In class, we will be making a Valentine craft to hold our Valentines. Below are the names of the children in our class.

We want to make this day as fun as possible but still keeping our day consistent. We will be doing some whole group Valentine-themed activities to build classroom community, so parent volunteers will not be needed.

Thank you for all that you do to support our class!

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