Writing Celebration

On Wednesday this past week we had our Writing Celebration. We gathered in groups and shared our Memoirs.  It was so great to hear the kids complimenting specifically on the writers craft of each other’s writing.   They did a fantastic job applying all the things we learned into these pieces of writing.

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One of the many things we learned about Memoirs is that often writers use symbolism in their writing to emphasize the “life lesson, theme, or turning point” of their story.  I came across a beautiful piece of writing by Kelsey Donk to use to show how powerful this strategy can be.  

Kelsey is currently studying abroad as part of her undergraduate work at Kalamazoo college.  While there she is blogging as a way to reflect and share her experiences.  As a class we read Kelsey’s post called, “L’edelweiss.”  

On Friday Kelsey agreed to Face Time our class to answer any questions the kids had for her about writing and her experiences in France.  The kids were AMAZING!  I was impressed with their questions and thoroughly enjoyed watching each group as they had their private little session with Kelsey as we projected her image on the projector and amplified the sound so the entire class could watch and hear her responses. 

IMG_0316 IMG_0315 IMG_0314IMG_0308IMG_0311 IMG_0310IMG_0309 IMG_0307Face TIME copy

Thanks again Kelsey for making our Memoir unit so memorable!

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