Final Four!

We are in our final four school days before our spring break. Your kids have been working extremely hard to wrap up a couple of units of study by staying focused and doing their¬†best. I am so proud of them. ūüôā

A couple of weeks ago I had a student that was VERY persistent about wanting our class being able to fill out brackets for the college March Madness basketball tournament.

I listened and thought…..

SURE…we can do this. We can do this if we do it for OUR CLASS.¬† Not to compete against each other, but rather have a common goal to bring us together. So…this is what we did. Each student was allowed to fill out a bracket. Some kids had help from others and some filled out their¬†brackets by themselves. WE had a COMMON GOAL.

If ANY of the kids picked the winner of the tournament then we would have a pizza party, on me!  ALSO, whoever picked the most wins in the tournament would get to pick 3 boys & 3 girls for extra recess.

We are UNITED!!!

Currently, Haleigh has the most tournament wins with 3 games to be played and we have THREE teams still in the tournament that if ANY of them win we will have our PIZZA PARTY! 

So here are the teams that your child should be watching to win on Monday, April 2 so our class can have a PIZZA PARTY!



So, all I have to say now is…


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