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Classroom Happenings! Week of 5/14

Only four weeks of school left for the year. The year has flown by and your third graders will soon be off to another wing at Georgetown as fourth graders.

Math We are reviewing and taking quick assessments on all of the math areas we have covered this year. 

Writing:   Today a note with the directions for your child’s museum project was sent home. The kids are excited to take part in the museum to show all they have learned about their biography person. We hope you can make it to our museum on Monday, June 4th from 1:30 to 2:15. 

Spelling: We are doing in class assessments to see how your child has grown as a speller.

Reading: We are reading the sequel to Shiloh called Shiloh Season. 

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Classroom Happenings!

I have been waiting for a nice day to combine our Pizza Party and Class Outstanding Reward. It looks like May 1 is going to be a beautiful day so we will do it then. 🙂 Since we will be M-Step testing in the morning we will have our special in the afternoon. When we return from STEAM we will have a slice of pizza. Then we will go outside for recess. When the kids return they will have desserts and then go outside and read for a bit before we have extra recess at the end of the day. It will be so much fun! 

Below is a link to donate to the dessert part of the reward. The pizza is my treat. 

Outstanding Reward Dessert Sign-Up

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Week of April 9

 Welcome back! I hope everyone enjoyed their time with family and friends over our break.

I told the kids before the break that everyone would have a chance to share what they did over break.  I mentioned that if you sent in a few pictures of something they did I would share them with the class and they could talk about them. If you can please send in 2-5 pictures for your child to share with their classmates of whatever you did over our break. If you don’t have any special pictures, that’s fine too! Your child will still be able to share. 🙂


  • Hurray!  Someone picked Villanova to win the March Madness tournament. We will be having a pizza party for the class, on me! Watch the blog for more details.
  • Thursday, April 12 is Jet’s Pizza night. Tell them you are from our class when ordering your meal to earn the opportunity for a pizza party.
  • Early release is on Friday, April 13, dismissal is at 12:15.


  • Beginning our second informational writing unit


  • Homework-Read 20 minutes five times a week
  • No Study Island until after M-step
  • Continuing to read biographies


  • No weekly spelling tests for the remainder of the school year. We will be focusing on spelling features with word sorts and other activities based on our class needs. Progress will be tracked by assessments done in class.


  • Homework-MobyMax is still required Monday through Thursday for 5 minutes unless your child is in the Fabulous Fact Fluency Finishers.
  • Unit # 7- Explore Fractions

Social Studies:

  • Review for the unit test coming home on Tuesday
  • Final assessment on Government will be Monday, April 17

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Final Four!

We are in our final four school days before our spring break. Your kids have been working extremely hard to wrap up a couple of units of study by staying focused and doing their best. I am so proud of them. 🙂

A couple of weeks ago I had a student that was VERY persistent about wanting our class being able to fill out brackets for the college March Madness basketball tournament.

I listened and thought…..

SURE…we can do this. We can do this if we do it for OUR CLASS.  Not to compete against each other, but rather have a common goal to bring us together. So…this is what we did. Each student was allowed to fill out a bracket. Some kids had help from others and some filled out their brackets by themselves. WE had a COMMON GOAL.

If ANY of the kids picked the winner of the tournament then we would have a pizza party, on me!  ALSO, whoever picked the most wins in the tournament would get to pick 3 boys & 3 girls for extra recess.

We are UNITED!!!

Currently, Haleigh has the most tournament wins with 3 games to be played and we have THREE teams still in the tournament that if ANY of them win we will have our PIZZA PARTY! 

So here are the teams that your child should be watching to win on Monday, April 2 so our class can have a PIZZA PARTY!



So, all I have to say now is…


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