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What’s Coming Up!- May 1

Camp Reminders:

  • Camp waivers and medical forms will go home today. They need to be returned by May 2.
  • Parent meeting for the fifth-grade camp is Tuesday, May 2 at 6:30 PM in the multipurpose room at Georgetown.  A brief meeting for chaperones will immediately follow.
  • We will meet with fifth-grade students during the school day to provide them with the information they will need for camp, so students need not attend the evening meeting.
  • If you would like to visit Camp Henry while we are at camp, you are required to have a background check completed prior to May 8.  Details about visiting camp will be explained during our May 2nd meeting. Contact your teacher for details if you plan to attend. Background Check Link


  • April and May are very busy months for families of fifth-grade students. Click here for a list of upcoming dates.


  • Measurement and Geometry

Social Studies

  • American Revolution


  • Uses data to come to a reasonable conclusion
  • Constructs charts, graphs, tables, and summaries to record observations
  • Asks questions, makes predictions and draws conclusions through observations and activities


  • Informational Writing



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What’s Coming Up- Week of April 17


  • Your children are working so hard on the M-STEP! Please take a few minutes to congratulate your child for his or her efforts.
  • We have one more testing day this week:, Wednesday, April 19
  • On Thursday, April 20, we will be providing the fifth-grade students with a pizza lunch to celebrate their completion of the M-STEP.
    • Two pieces of pizza will be provided for each student. If students wish to have a side item or a drink, they are welcome to bring something from home.
    • Please remember that Georgetown is a pop free school.
  • Next Tuesday, April 25, we will be visiting Baldwin Street Middle School. One of the highlights of the visit for students is that they get to eat lunch in the cafeteria there.
    • A letter was sent home last week regarding how you can make sure that your child has money in his or her lunch account for that visit.
    • Students are welcome to bring their own lunch that day, but they will be responsible for carrying and keeping track of it.
  • April and May are very busy months for families of fifth-grade students. Click here for a list of upcoming dates.
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What’s Coming Up-Week of March 27


  • Health movie on March 30.
  • Once we return from spring break, fifth grade will be taking the M-STEP on the following dates:
    • Tuesday, April 11
    • Wednesday, April 12
    • Thursday, April 13
    • Tuesday, April 18
    • Wednesday, April 19
    • Thursday, April 20
    • Friday, April 21
    • Please avoid making appointments that would cause your child to miss school on these dates.
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Social Studies Test and Practice Opportunities


Enter the code 202108

All of the test questions are represented on the Quizzizz activity, so it is a great opportunity for students to practice.

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What’s Coming Up-Week of March 13


  • Parent/Teacher Conferences on March 13, 14, and 15.
  • Book Fair is the week of conferences. Here is a link to all class scheduled view and purchase times. 
  • Health movie on March 30.

Math– Operations and Word Problems

Social Studies– Road to Revolution

ELA– Students are wrapping up their own historical fiction stories.

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