Supply List Needed for the Classroom That Will Assist You

  • (3) pocket folders: red, green, choice of color (plastic folders work best, but are not required)
  • (2) 3 prong pocket folders. (yellow & blue if possible)
  • (5) spiral notebooks (wide rule)
  • (1) 3-ring binder (1 inch)
  • (2) dry erase markers for your whiteboard work (the thin ones work best)
  • (2) glue sticks
  • colored pencils (a small pack; 12 count or lower) or crayons (also a small pack, please)
  • small (5×8) pencil box or smaller to store your supplies
  • scissors
  • highlighter

Each Student Should Bring One Each for the Classroom to Share

  • Clorox Wipes (any disinfectant disposable wipes)
  • Box of Tissue
  • One Box of Bandaids

Highly Recommended Item

  • Gym shoes to be left at school for Physical Education class
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