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Final Weekly Update!

Is it really the last week of school?? Wow! This year has gone so quickly. I can’t believe this is the final weekly update for the year.  This week’s update includes lots of important information, so please take a few minutes to look over it carefully.

Field Day – Tuesday, June 6

  • Please make sure your child has the following items:
    • Water bottle
    • Sunscreen
    • Sack lunch
      • If you ordered a sack lunch from food service on or before May 19, it will be delivered to the stadium.
  • We will leave school just before 9:00 to walk to HHS Eagle Stadium.
  • Events begin at 9:20 with the first round of tug-of-war.
  • Lunch is at 11:45.
    • If you are planning to pick up lunch for your child, please note that the Subway at 36th and Baldwin gets VERY busy at lunch time on this day; you will want to plan ahead.
  • We arrive back at school around 2:00.

Last Day of School

  • Friday, June 9 is our last day of school
  • Students will be dismissed at 12:15.


  • If your child has a yellow safety belt at home, please make sure it gets returned to Mr. Gort this week.
  • We will be slowly but steadily been cleaning out desks and lockers. Please make sure your child is emptying his or her backpack each night to make room for the next day’s load.
  • Our classroom auction will be Thursday. Please have your kids clean out those closets of any unwanted treasures they may have. Remember, another person’s trash is a 5th-graders treasure. Any donation will make the auction more successful!

Report Cards

  • District-wide, elementary schools follow the tradition of mailing report cards out on June 16 with delivery on Monday, June 19.

Reminders for our Week

Field Day:track meet

  • Must wear tennis shoes
  • Wear sunscreen
  • You may wear a hat
  • Sweatshirt/Jacket optional for possible cool morning
  • Bring a water bottle
  • Pack a sack lunch and put GES & your name on it
  • Yes, you may carry around a drawstring backpack
  • Boys wear orange, girls wear pink
  • Starts at 9:20 with first Tug of War round
  • Lunch is at 11:45 (30 minutes)
  • Ends around 1:45 with finals for Tug of War & Relays
  • Have fun and enjoy the day!



  • Will be on Friday morning
  • Please empty those closets, toy chests, and dig through those drawers to part with any “treasures” to donate.
  • Bring in auction donation any time


Classroom Auction!

auctionWe are going to have our class auction this Thursday before our last day of school.  To have a successful auction I need your support.
 Please take the time this weekend and have your kids clean out those closets. Any past treasure they would like to part with to donate to our class auction will be greatly appreciated. REMEMBER, one persons trash is another persons TREASURE!! Send in their donation/s anytime this week before Thursday so the kids can see what their hard in $ can purchase. 


A Few Items of Importance:
The kids voted today to postpone the class Auction until Spring.  Please continue to gather “treasures” to donate to the class auction. The kids may bring in items at any time and I can store them here.
WE WON the fifth grade classroom reading competition for December!!! Yippee!  Tomorrow we will be rewarded by having comfy cozy day.  Kids may wear whatever they are most comfortable in, and hats too! 🙂  They may also bring a stuffed animal or blanket to cozy up with.
Our class also met their December reading goal!! Oh boy I love all this reading.  So we will take time tomorrow to play board games again in the afternoon.  Have your child bring in a board game of their choice if they will like.  
Homework for reading has been increased to 30 minutes/7 days a week.  This is a total of 210 minutes a week.  If for some reason they cannot read 30 minutes one evening, then they make it up another night.  We look at the total minutes each week for our class competition.  ALL minutes must be signed for the kids to earn credit for their reading.  PLEASE SIGN THEIR READING LOGS for all the reading they are doing at home.
Congratulations to Haley, Marley, Keegan, Drew, Kaleb and Braden for winning the table group reading competition for the second time!!  They will be treated by having lunch with me next week.  We have moved seats and everyone has a new table group to compete with.  LET THE GAMES BEGIN!