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Updates from Room 205

Today a Book-It Calendar from Pizza Hut is coming home. This is OPTIONAL for your kids to fill out and return. However, if they are doing their weekly homework log they have met the requirement to earn a free 9-inch pizza from Pizza Hut.  The only extra work would be to record it on the Book-it Calendar too. Yummmm! Pizza!


  • Reading-Each Monday a reading log will come home and needs to be returned the following Monday. Have your child read for a total of 100 minutes each week. 🙂
  • Math-
    • Five minutes of MobyMax each day Monday-Friday. After unit #2 I will open up MobyMax to Multiplication & Division.
    • Keep working on memorizing those facts one fact at a time.



Continue to read 100 minutes each week. Now, only the time on the Book It calendar needs to filled out and turned in at the end of the month.

Social Studies: Tonight a homework assignment came home. The kids need to list products and where those products were made on a worksheet that went home today. If your sheet is missing your child may do this with 6 different products on a separate piece of paper. Please have them bring it back tomorrow. 🙂

Math: Five minutes of MobyMax is still expected to maintain fact fluency or to master fact fluency.

Also, tonight a study review for math went home with the kids. The math test on Unit 3 is tomorrow. Please review any concepts with your kids that they feel they still need help with. Overall, they all seem confident on the standards.

Beginning next Monday, a Study Island math assignment will be given for math. The kids will have Monday-Thursday to complete the assignment. I do not grade homework so please help your kids with any questions they may have on these math problems. Study Island shows a different format than we have in our Math Expressions program. This is good for our kids to see math presented in many ways. After homework is given on a standard I will assign that standard here at school to collect data on mastery. If you have any questions once this begins, please feel free to email me.