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Updates from Room 205

Today a Book-It Calendar from Pizza Hut is coming home. This is OPTIONAL for your kids to fill out and return. However, if they are doing their weekly homework log they have met the requirement to earn a free 9-inch pizza from Pizza Hut.  The only extra work would be to record it on the Book-it Calendar too. Yummmm! Pizza!


  • Reading-Each Monday a reading log will come home and needs to be returned the following Monday. Have your child read for a total of 100 minutes each week. 🙂
  • Math-
    • Five minutes of MobyMax each day Monday-Friday. After unit #2 I will open up MobyMax to Multiplication & Division.
    • Keep working on memorizing those facts one fact at a time.



FYI- I did not assign Study Island homework this week. Typically when we have a short school week I do not give homework. My apologies for not letting you know in advance.

Remember that tomorrow in the morning we will be reading around the room.  The kids may bring in pillows, a favorite stuffed animal, blankets and/or sleeping bags to stretch out an be comfortable.

They also may bring in reading material from home that they want to read or share read.

To add to the fun, they may bring in extra HEALTHY snacks to munch on and ONE yummy treat. Please don’t send in too many treats (candy, cookies, brownies, etc.) one will be plenty.

Also, in the afternoon we will be watching the film Indian in the Cupboard. We will comparing & contrasting the film to the book that we will finish up this week. I have enjoyed reading this classic book to the class. They seem to be very engaged in the story and the classic characters.


I did not send home a reading log for the week. We will begin again with reading homework after our holiday break. 

Week of January 15

  • READING– Read 100 minutes per week. We are no longer doing homework logs.
  • MATH-Study Island homework each week. Assignments are due on Friday morning.
  • MATH– Moby Max for 5 minutes Monday-Thursday. If a student has mastered fact fluency they are excused from Moby Max homework. Look to see if your child is a  Fabulous Fact Fluency Finisher at the picture on the right hand side of the blog.