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Updates from room 205!


  • October 10- Jet’s Pizza Night
  • October 18- Early Release Friday, dismissal @ 12:15
  • October 29- Turkey Trot. Please read this post for registration and details                   concerning this year’s Turkey Trot. Deadline to Register is October 9, 2019.
  • October 29- Picture Retakes
  • October 31- Halloween part from 1:15-2:00. Click here for details.
  • Mrs. Chmura, Georgetown’s Art teacher, is hoping to get some donations to help her along with the schoolwide art project. Click here for details.


Reading- The kids are doing a good job of returning their reading logs on Mondays! Remember, have your child read for a total of 100 minutes each week. 🙂

Math-Five minutes of MobyMax each day Monday-Friday. After unit #2 I will open up MobyMax to Multiplication & Division for all students. Also, keep working on memorizing those facts one fact at a time.

Word Study: The kids are doing well establishing routines for grammar & spelling. This week we are working with patterns that make the long “i” sound.

Writing: We are wrapping up writing our small moment stories and will be editing and publishing later this week.

Reading: The kids are building routines, setting goals, doing comprehension checks, making predictions and partnering together to build  G.R.I.T. for building their reading lives.

Math: Today we reviewed for our Unit #1 Math test. A test review came home that you can review with your child. Tomorrow we will do small group work and math games before our test on Thursday.

Beginning Friday, we will take our first multiplication quiz on 5s.  Our curriculum teaches them in this order:  5s, 2s, 10s, 9s, 3s, 4s, 6s, 7s, 8s.

As your child passes each quiz, they will move to the next multiplication fact.  For example, if they pass the 5s quiz on Friday, next Friday they will take the 2s quiz.  If they don’t pass the 5s, they will take it again the following week. As they pass their quizzes they will be rewarded, Smile Bucks.

Another great tool is an app called, Flash to Pass.  It’s free and can be downloaded on most devices.  On this app, students can practice one specific grouping of facts.  This is different from Moby Max because they are all mixed together.

Growth Mindset: We continue to read books and talk about how our brain works and how we can have a positive growth mindset.





Updates from Room 205


Week of September 23: Spirit week

  • Monday-Pajama Day
  • Tuesday- Crazy Sock Day
  • Wednesday- Crazy Hair Day
  • Thursday- Picture Day
  • Friday-Blue & Gold Day (Walk-A-Thon)

September 27- Walk-A-Thon: Change in time for third grade we will be walking from 9:45-10:30.  Click HERE for more details.

October 7- Culver’s night beginning at 5:00 pm

October 10- Jet’s Pizza Night

October 18- Early Release Friday, dismissal @ 12:15

October 29- Turkey Trot. Please read this post for registration and details concerning this year’s Turkey Trot. Deadline to Register is October 9, 2019.


    • 5 minutes of MobyMax-Monday through Thursday, & 5 minutes practicing fact cards (in your child’s take-home folder)
    • The first reading log is due tomorrow! Each week 3rd graders are expected to read 100 minutes. Expect a new reading log each Monday for students to keep track of their minutes read at home. They have the option of reading 20 for five days or reading for longer for fewer days. READING MORE is always encouraged, but not required. 🙂



Your kids are absolutely amazing and I am enjoying each and everyone of them! When I look at the calendar I cannot believe we will be approaching our second full week of October already.  Please read carefully about updated classroom news.




  • Turkey Trot race day is Thursday, Oct 27.  Late registration begins at 4:30 the day of the race and additional shirts will be available while supplies last.


  • Social Studies vocabulary and map quizzes have been pushed back to Thursday, October 15. Please have your kids practice the vocabulary a bit each day using this link:  Unit #2-Three Worlds Meet 


  • If your child has not returned Unit #1 math test with a parent signature please do so on Monday.  Our class is trying to reach a new record and I need to have each test back to assure the kids have met this goal! 🙂


pumpkins patch

Have a GREAT weekend!