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Social Studies Quiz Tomorrow!

Today your child brought home a study guide for their first quiz in Social Studies. If it has been misplaced here is a snapshot of what they need to know for tomorrow!

Social Studies Test and Practice Opportunities

Open join.quizizz.com

Enter the code 202108

All of the test questions are represented on the Quizzizz activity, so it is a great opportunity for students to practice.

What’s Coming Up – Week of January 11

I hope everyone is cozy and warm on this cold winter day. It looks like we will have many opportunities for lake effect snow in the next many days. The classroom has been on the chilly side, so please layer those kids up in clothing to keep them warm! 🙂

Below is our 5th grade update. Please note the Social Studies section. A review sheet went home on Friday, but I have linked one on this posting as well.

T.E.A.M. classes began this past Wednesday with the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office and will continue for the next 6 weeks.
Reminder-When your son our daughter is using Math Facts Pro please make sure they are signing in to their account. Students should be using Math Facts Pro at home several times per week.

Math: We have been multiplying with whole numbers and decimal numbers and will be finishing this unit this week. Please continue to have your son/daughter sign in and practice their math facts on Math Facts Pro several times per week.

Social Studies: We are wrapping up our study of early colonization and will testing soon. Our test will be on Tuesday, January 12. Here is a Study GuideOur next unit will focus more deeply on the economic development and growth of the colonies and slavery.

We have started our unit on historical fiction. Students will be reading historical fiction in book clubs and then writing their own historical fiction pieces.


Math: Lesson 3-10, Homework: All
Check to see if your child has completed their homework assignment in math today.  
Social Studies: Next week Wednesday students will be taking a 13 colonies quiz where they need to know the names and locations of all 13 colonies.  They also need to know where the boundary is between the New England Colonies and Middle Colonies, and the boundary between the Middle Colonies and Southern Colonies.   The website below is a great study tool to help students learn the locations of each one.  Happy studying!!
Study the 13 Colonies
JUST FOR FUN!  I showed the students a cool website where they can create their own colony. Click on the link below to create your own colony!
Create a Colony Website

A review sheet went home today for science class. We will have a digestive system quiz on Monday, December 8th. Students, click here if you want to hear the digestion song.  Have fun eating up this information! ;)


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